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Dashboard and navigation menu

Each screen contains the menu (blue bar) with access to the following functions:
  • Menu
  • Company name (Account details – Invoice overview)
  • User name (Change password – Change language – Log out)
  • Settings (Cogwheel)
  • Support page and Instruction tour (Question mark)

The dashboard is the homepage for every user. It contains the following functions:

  • My Backlog: Personal backlog of the user who is logged in.
  • Top 5 Backlog: Complete backlog distributed among the accounting records to which the user has access.
  • Top 5 Authorisation: Only for administrators when authorisation is enabled. Age analysis of all invoices to be authorised.
  • Top 5 Confirmation: Only for administrators when confirmation is enabled. Age analysis of all invoices to be confirmed.
  • News and articles: Relevant information and updates from TriFact365.
  • Start with TriFact365: Short start-up guide for new users.
Updated on Monday April 1st, 2019

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